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SharkSkin Technology

Developed by, Shark-Skin Technology is a unique process that creates a scratch-resistant, UV protected skin for ATMs, kiosks, decals and signage. Like real shark skin, products developed using Shark-Skin Technology are super strong allowing them to be placed outdoors without fading or scratching, and flexible for easy installation. Guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

  • Strong Scratch-Resistant Surface
  • UV-Protected to Resist Fading
  • Flexible Allowing for Easy Installation
  • Durable Skin Allows Products to be Deployed Outdoors

Color Brilliance

Increase visibility and transaction volume with cost-effective, custom-designed ATM topper signage. ColorBrilliance ATM graphic topper inserts are tamper resistant and will display your brand message day and night. The special backlit material provides glossy illuminated advertising, offering a tremendous advantage over traditional unlit posters and signage. Add network and fee notices to permanently address compliance issues.’s topper inserts are printed on backlit film with UV stable inks to ensure long-lasting vibrant graphics.

  • Printed on Backlit Film with UV Stable Inks.
  • Offers Illuminated Signage.
  • Tamper Resistant.